11 March, 2017

what's up?

Assalamualaikum. Hi gais

I know it's unsual time to update post like 2 a.m but yeahh I'm still waking, sleepy, but was blogwalking around and read over again the old posts. It was hilarious. What I am writing at that time? Haha, will improve soon.. 

Having difficulties time to update becaus of the leceh internet connection and so many assignments, tests, classes and me-time with bed. Hehehe

So, if you're wondering what i am up to right now is I am studying in Terengganu. Specifically UMT. Wait, before anyone ask 'what is UMT?' , you might want to read my next post about this mainly marine-based reseach university. So, after matriculation, i continued my studies in Degree in Marine Biology. From Kedah to Ganu I travelled. From 'person-who-doesn't-like-water'to a future 'marine-biologist-researcher InshaAllah.

Marine biologist. Didn't it seem so fun that like the one you've seen in National Geographic, handling the dolphin, whales, shark, see lions, turtle and etc? If you're wondering how doesthis course looks like actually, keep it up to my next coming post soon! I'll be updating about this course, so pray that I've more time and not clingy-time with bed πŸ˜‚

That's all mis amigos. I started to feel high. Gotta sleep. Until next post, ¡Adios!
Assalamualaikum. May Allah bless you.

03 November, 2016

coffee vs life

Hey, Assalamualaikum :)

Life taste similar to coffee.
Bitter and sweet at the same time, but you can just sip em' and feel good about the taste tooπŸ‘
#ValueLearntInLife #notacoffeelover  #butfathermakeittastegood

What do you think the taste of coffee? 
i feel super-boosted after few sips ! good because it's time to analyse the data sampai pengshann πŸ˜ͺ

Salam Maghrib !

18 January, 2016

i'm back from long 'retirement' ?

Assalamualaikum :)

Hello ! annyeong ! :D

hi para blogger sekalian ! apa khabar kome semua?
hee, welcome back to me to the blogger world. konon konon lepas long "retirement" la sangat. hahaha ...

so well, i was so longing to at least write one post during the time but i am so so busy with life-student. hmphh, and the all good ideas to write about had gone blown away by Ganu's wind hahaha ! .. 
so yeahh iRedho that i can't write during those time and struggling with quite pack class's schedule !*heh*

btw, i am now studying @ Universiti Malaysia Terengganu a.k.a UMT. well, UMTerengganu is not so bad tho gais seriously eventhough sangat jauh dari rumah T_T  . i've got offer to continue my degree in Marine Biology last September and already finished my 1 semester !! hehehe, now was in 'honeymoon' mood for one month *hoyeahhhhhh*

anddd ... i am doing my part time during this temporary menggangur time. lewlss, so gais i would to invite readers do come and shopping at small bussiness of mine at Instagram @mosshishoppe :)

menyahut seruan #2kerja katakan, hikhik ;p

um, i think thats the only modal cerita i can write about for this time .. muahahaha next time update i will .

adios & have a nice evening everyone ! ;)

20 August, 2015

short thought

Assalamualaikum !

Its 4.00 a.m yaw. And I still didn't sleep. Goshh, esok mesti kena lecture again dengan mak. I've got insomnia this recently, I guess. Hm

oh, back to da title.
Short thought about the people.
I wonder why people easily judging. they never know what we are facing. What we are doing for. What we are deciding for.

Diorang tak tahu semua tu.
Tapi indeed diorang ikut sedap mulut nak cakap macam2.
Tak faham jugak la apa masalah diorang ni.

And worst, diorang perli2 sakan like they are too good enough and live in perfection.

And disebabkan 'barrier' ni jugaklah, kita terus di'judge'.

Mulut orang kita tak boleh nak tutup. Tapi, kita boleh buat2 tak dengar dan pedulikk je apa semua orang cakap buruk pasal kita.
Sebab hanya kita yang tahu what's the best for us. They didn't deserve to judge at all. Kan ??

Sekadar meluahkan. Tiada maksud nak ditujukan kepada sesiapa. Maaf jika terkasar bahasa. Kbyee.

09 August, 2015

Kembali Ber-Blog !!

Apa khabarrr gaiss ? hope you're in a pink of health ! =) acecece, bajet macam retis buat comeback pulak aku ni :')

lamanya tak tulis entry dekat sini. hanya mampu online sekali sekala untuk tengok blog betapa bersawangnya blogging. Yeayy ! Lepas ni inshaAllah dah boleh hapdett post banyak2 ( hitupun kalau kau rajin kan fatin) ... 

Kali ini, aku tulis blog dengan azam baru ! hehehe, aku nak tulis kali sambil cari ramai kawan2. Ye lah, rasanya agak payah bagi spesis aku ni sebab aku jenis yang suka buat kerja sendiri dan tak berapa suka bergaul dengan stranger :') tapi,  itu dulu la. Sekarang aku nak cari kawan. bukan tak cukup kawan2 yang dah ada, cuma saja nak berkenalan lagi ramai. Biar ramai kawan, jangan ramai musuh kan ^^

Haihh, kesian dekat blog ni lepas berabad ditinggalkan dek tuannya yang tidak langsung rajin walaupun sekali untuk mengemaskini blog sejak masuk matrik. bukan sengaja tapi dek kesibukan semasa di matrik dan tahap kemalasan yang tak kurang kalah dari cipan :')

sekarang dah habis matrik (act, dah lama bercuti sejak bulan lima rituu lagi) ...
baru sempat nak update semuanya. cuti beberapa bulan ni aku makan tido makan tido ulang sampai habis cuti lah kot. Hewheww .. takde la. Gurau je kot. menjadi driver tak berbayar untuk ambil adik dari sekolah salah satu dari kerja sampingan waktu cuti ni :'))

by the way, i've changed my blog to a new looksss ! sebelum ni kuno je, aku nak bukak blog nak update pun rasa malas (eceh padahal memang kau malas kan, alasan je semua ni). hahaha, ni semua berkat tutorial2 yang diajar oleh Lyssa Faizureen yang comel dan baikhati ni.hehe, kamsahamnida, Lyssa !!

ni je yang mampu aku edit. simple gila kalau dibandingkan dengan blog2 lain yang beratus kali ganda lagi cantik dan kemas .. huhu aku ikut je sebijik sebijik tutorial Lyssa ni. Senang je ikut step yang dia terangkan. Aku google siang malam nak cari image2 yang berkenan di hati nauu. tema kaler blog pun aku main bedal je itupun ntah matching ke tidak pun taktahulah. ni pun minta tolong adik yang tolong suggest-kan. Muahaha ..
ni kira okay dah lah kot kan untuk stage yang baru nak merangkak edit blog macam akuu nii. Hehe

okaylah, jom tido dah mengantuknya ya Rabbi. next time update. adios ! 

p/s: Rinduuu... :')